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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  April 18, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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good afternoon, everybody, i'm frank mal, icoat this is bir state 80 -- interstate 80. the highway patrol says the driver of a white ford explorer
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was killed when his suv rolled over. no other vehicles were involved. this video was taken about 30 minutes ago just before our helicopter had to land because of the rain. as you can see, a serious backup as they try to clear the accident. chp says expect heavy traffic in that area for some time 105 years ago today, the great quake of 1906 shook san francisco. at the time it was the worst natural disaster to hit the united states. there are only a handful of survivors left, but it's a day san francisco will never forget. [ sound of sirens ]. >> sirens rang out at 5:11 this morning, that was the exact time in 1906s earthquake rocked san francisco's. thousands gathered to commemorate the day. over 3,000 died. the magazineny stud 7.7 to --
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magnitude 7.7 was felt from san francisco to l.a.. william dell month was too young to remember the day. >> nothing about the fire or the earthquake for sure. i was only three months old. >> the fire hydrant in dolores park got its annual coating of gold paint, that hydrant saved much of the mission district. >> back in 1906 when the earthquake hit, japan was the country that responded first and responded with the most amount of support for san francisco. >> we're still dealing with the aftershocks in ya pan, and tsunami t makes me feel 10 times more grateful that we have a ready community in san francisco. >> and a giving xhuntd.
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the morning 'fess -- giving community. the morning festivities started with a bloody mary breakfast. folks dressed up in turn of the century garb with proceeds going to benefit the earthquake victims in japan. >> you met william delmonte and the other survivor rose clifr and ruth newman. you tax procrastinators out there, your time is running out. today is the deadline to file your taxes. federal returns need to be filed by midnight tonight of. if you owe taxes, there's actually a benefit to waiting until the last minute t means you earned every last bit of interest on your money before you pay uncle sam. americans that have money coming to them are better off filing early because you get your money faster. here a couple of tips from the irs. file electronic. the irs program flags common errors and points out any
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information you might be missing. if your filing the old fashioned way, be sure to mail it to the right address. happens a lot, several post offices, by the way, around the bay area are hope late tonight to help you out. and finally, double-check your math and your bank account numbers if you're e-filing. and we've got more tax tips on our website. all you go to do is good to the united states gets slapped with a downgrade fueling a major selloff on wall street. here with a look at the numbers, jason brooks. he's got the latest. are you there? >> reporter: frank, a tough way to get in the way when you have standard & poor saying you've got a two-year deadline, washington d.c., to figure out a credible budget plan or the country's triple a debt rating could be downgraded. that would be a very serious issue for the country to pay its
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long-term debt. numbers have improved a little bit since erlgier, the dow was lower by over 200 points, now it's down by 154. the s&p is down by 15. just a general selloff because of the report. the united states is only one of 120 countries that has a rating and it pays very low interest on its debt. if the rating is downgraded, those interest rates would go higher meaning it would cost more to service its debt. we're looking at a debt ceiling of $14.3 trillion dollars. when the field yield on the 10 -- when the yield on a 10-year note, that means mortgage rates goes up, consumer loans, businesses would be looking at higher borrowing fees and that could force them to curtail some hiring plans.
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so this is the kind of thing that has a very wide, broad impact over the entire economy. >> that's jason brooks, cbs money if you're hoping to get away this summer and you haven't bought your plane ticket yet, we've got news, big raises across the board. good afternoon, elizabeth. >> reporter: blame rising fuel costs and increased passenger demand. an article in the "l.a. times" says fares should increase 15% over this summer from last summer. the largest airlines increased ticket cost, five times, this is no fun for travelers. by summer, peak travel time, industry experts say domestic air fares may reach an average of $390. if you're counting it was just 302 a couple of years ago.
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international flights as predicted will see the biggest hikes. we talked to some travelers at oakland international who say they don't like it, but they're going to change their plans. >> people are going to travel regardless. and when you have family, you have to go. >> it's disappointing, but when you want to see your family, it's important to do that. >> reporter: what will you have to do differently? >> save more. >> reporter: i think that's what everyone is going to have to do. i've punch ned a few air fares. if you travel next week from oakland thordz new york city, the cheapest airfare was $423. i typed in july 1st, i could not find anything cheaper than $560. so seems to be the case for the summer, the fees are continuing to go up. in addition, this does not take into account all the extra fees,
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including checked baggage, even that blanket is going to cost you. frank, i, for one, will be staying home but i guess i'm the only one. >> i just arranged a trip to the east coast, we haven't bought our tickets yet, so i'm out of luck and that's in july. >> reporter: you got to get going. >> all right. and another key deadline today for pg and e. at issue the utility's questionable record-keeping practices. officials must disclose whether they think record high pressure keeping mistakes contributed to the pipeline explosion in san francisco last year. the company is already fined $3 million. this broader investigation could bring fines up to $400 million. a road block for california's high speed rail project. bay area and state and federal
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officials say plans should be scaled down. the ambitious long-term plan for a statewide high speed plan has been delayed. . >> there's no need to do it twice. there is an opportunity using essentially the same rail system to arrive in san jose and head north on what we've described as a blended system that integrates high speed rail for the 21st century. >> the proposed plan would combine high speed rail with an upgrade of cal train system eliminating the need for additional right-of-way. an indian tribe is trying to block development at a sacred burial ground and the city is threatening to remove them
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forcibly by tonight. the city plans to build a parking lot and bathrooms on the ancient burial grounds. some of the graves date back 3500 years. despite today's announcement, protesters vow to remain until the site is protected. other bay area headlines on this monday, a three-hour standoff at a heyward motel ended up with a suspect hauled away on handcuffs. a sheriff's deputy spotted a stolen mercedes. officers evacuated the hotel and eventually able to convince the suspect to give himself up. officials say the man is a parolee. and a set back for brian stow, the giants fan attacked outside dodger stadium. he was put into a medically induced coma because he kept having seizures. police have not arrested any
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suspects. neighbors say they've never seen anything like it. dozens of twisters rip through six states. the damage and the survival stories from the worst tornado outbreak ever. and a 6-year-old crashes the family mini van. what led him on a dangerous joy ride when we come back. . a cold front is making its way through the bay area bringing us scattered showers. i'll tell you exactly whether you can expect the showers -- when you can expect the showers to taper off. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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there goes the roof off a house. >> unbelievable video here,
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deadly twisters ripping through the south killing at least 45 people in six states. one man recorded this tornado as it ripped through a home in north carolina. across the south today, people are searching through rubble of homes, a record number of tornadoes destroyed neighborhood after neighborhood. >> reporter: all that's left of this home are the front steps. the remnants are now scattered around this neighborhood along with dozens of other homes. there was little warning for the people who live here. >> i seen this twister come, it was just twisting, the whole roof flew off. >> reporter: 240 tornadoes ripped across 14 states from oklahoma to north carolina, a record for a single storm. 45 people were killed. in north carolina alone, at least 22 people are dead, including cam lafferty's inlas vegas. >> -- in-laws.
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three young children were killed when a tornado hit this mobile home park but there are also stories of survival. more than 100 people walked out of this lowe's store without any serious injuries. just to give you an idea of the erratic nature of a tornado, take a look at this home. its mostly intact down below but look at the second story. there's little left. >> every time i come out the front door, it's shocking to realize that's what's happening happened to community. >> reporter: north carolina's governor is touring the area today. >> as you travel through here, you see people who have lost everything they had in life. >> reporter: people are already at work trying to rebuild after the worst storm to hit here in two decades. >> and amid all the devastation, signs of life, three tiny puppies weeks old survived the storm in north carolina. their owner says she lost everything else.
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so far she's named two of them lucky and miracle. a dangerous joy ride, a 6-year-old who stole his family's mini van to grab a snack of all things. and wake-up call at airports all across the country. the steps to keep air traffic controllers from dozing off. if you're stepping outside right now, cloudy skies but a little bit of sunshine. we'll have a closer look at whether the showers will taper -- at when the showers will taper off in a bit. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and for thee 26th straight year ... no american champ the boston marathon and for the 26th straight year, no american champ. this is kenyon jeffrey mutai. the time is not official. officially the fastest because there was a strong tailwind on the downhill course. i covered that for 20 plus years. i always thought i'd run it until i went into work and saw the people that ran it. totally worn out. 26 miles, walking it is impressive. >> i agree. weather-wise today, a little bit of sflan. >> a little bit of sprinkles out there and we're seeing some
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chilly conditions this afternoon. you've got rain, chill impri weather but the good -- whily weather but the good news is we're going to change this up. see scattered showers throughout the rest of the bay area. we can take a look at our high def doppler, you can see pretty much spread, and we'll continue to see a chance of those showers as we make our way into a little bit later parts in the afternoon. taking a closer look here, you can see along the bay shore, san francisco up through oakland, union city, everybody's getting a little bit of moisture right now. this afternoon, those temperatures are going to stay pretty cool, but this evening, we're actually going to keep warm because that have cloud cover, so the rain should taper off by this evening. we'll see a little bit of fog along the bay shores and the coastline. in the meantime, we have to contend with the rain. you can see this cold front
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passing us through bringing us wet weather. but the high pressure will build in temporarily and that will bring us sunshine tomorrow. city mostly in the high 50s and low 60s, 59 for san francisco, 62 for oakland, 56 for fremont and livermore. here's a look at your extended forecast for that wet weather in the forecast today and then mostly sunny skies as we head into thursday. thursday and friday are shaping up pretty nicely with highs in the mid-60s and your weekend is looking nice as well. so by the time we make it to easter sunday, you'll see highs in the inland spots in the low -- inland spots in the low 70s. a wake-up call about air staft. today the faa and air traffic control officials began a coast to coast tour. they're driving home the message that sleeping on the job won't be tolerated. >> reporter: the head of the faa and the president of the air
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traffic controllers union headed for the busiest airport this morning, hartsfield jackson in atlanta of it was the first of several meetings around the country to help stop controllers falling asleep. the latest happened saturday in miami at a regional center that controls long-distance flights. but in this latest case, there were other controllers on duty. new rules take effect in the control towers this week. now controllers must have at least a nine-hour break between shifts. and they will no longer be allowed to work a midnight shift after the weekend to arrange for a three-day weekend. faa rules have always forbidden sleeping on the job but former controllers say many supervisors often look the other way, especially the midnight shift. >> the reality is the way we've been operating over the past three decades, it has proven to
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be a horrible way of doing business in the air traffic tower. >> the faa also admits it bears some of the blame for the problem. the agency often builds very little sleep time into controllers' schedules. four years ago there were warnings that controller fatigue was a problem. faa officials know if they want to keep the skies safe, they need to make changes now. some motorists thought they were seeing a drunk driver. instead was it a 6-year-old boy behind the wheel of the family's mini van. the boy took his joy ride yesterday in oregon of. the reason he took the car? he was hungry and want a snack. he's okay by the way but mom and dad are a little upset. price of being princess, the three things kate middleton won't be allowed to do once she's married into the royal
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family. we'll tell you about that when we come back. ,,,,,,,,
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well, there is a lot of power that comes with marrying a prince but there's also a lot you can't do as well. after kate middleton ties the night, #1450e8 no longer be known as kate. and she'll have to be known as
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katherine or ma'am. and she can't play monopoly. there must be a royal version i guess. and kate can't eat shell fish because they fear food poisoning. >> i don't think i could live outthe seafood piece. and our family likes games, too. we're all done, folks. hope you have a great afternoon and we'll see you again at five and again tomorrow morning. ,,
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